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How To Choose Entertainment For Corporate Events

Event planning is only part of the day job for some people and is a full time gig for others. It can be exhilarating and stressful at the same time and the planning stage is one of the hardest parts.

At the planning stage, there is still much guesswork. The event planner is trying to frantically confirm how many people to cater for. As well as who those people might be and what the expectations of the boss or bosses might be. Well initiated event managers will have a Filofax of entertainers and enough party planning prowess to turn around a 500 seater, fully catered, corporate event in hours.  The less experienced, but equally talented will need more time. To help you with your corporate event here are some insights into choosing suitable entertainment.

Who Is The Entertainment For?

It is absolutely vital that you have a real understanding of who your event audience is and why they need entertaining. “As the saying goes, ‘know your audience’ – Not knowing is the biggest mistake any marketer or event manager can ever make. Get the audience wrong and you get everything wrong,” advises Frankie Morouse, a marketer at Write My X and NextCoursework.

What will the average age of your audience be? Do they want entertainment that will fade into the background, or something to concentrate on? Will this audience need entertaining throughout the event, or just at the beginning or end?

What Budget Do You Have?

You need to know this at the start. When you are asked to organise an event, get the details you need upfront. Ask for the total budget per head. Then work out what you need to provide and if that budget will cover it. Event planning is a lot about asking questions. Ask venues what they can offer for your group size, ask caterers for menu options, contact an experienced entertainment agency for a range of budget options. At the planning and question asking stages, you do not have to make a decision. Give yourself a week for this stage and then start working out which combination of the answers and samples you have received in reply will work for your audience and budget.

What Kind of Event Is It?

Essentially corporate events are about the organization planning them. An excuse to wow a key stakeholder audience with the organization’s generosity. There has to be a reason for the party though.  Sometimes that reason is seasonal, an Easter egg hunt for children of staff, a Christmas party for employees. Some businesses and business groups hold annual awards. Others mark a great quarter with great entertainment.

Whatever the type of event, there is a suitable corporate entertainer to suit it. For entertaining families, you can’t beat a magician and a DJ for dancing. A more formal event, like an awards night, might call for a charismatic emcee and a swing band or tribute group. Maybe even a blast from the past to dazzle the guests.

“Venue and size are two important things to consider when choosing entertainment,” says Roberta Mendinas, Event Manager for Britstudent and Australia2Write. She adds, “A string quartet will be drowned out in a large venue full of people and bands kill conversation at smaller more intimate gatherings”.

Know Your Entertainers

Consider this research. Check the books of entertainment agencies for your area then find out where their acts are playing. Grab a friend and head out to check them out for yourself. This first hand knowledge will be invaluable for your career.

Know how different entertainment types work a room also. Some acts are strictly stage bound. These are generally bands and singers who provide anything from a 30 to 90 minute show. Then there are walkers. These are sometimes magicians or music duos. Best suited to a drinks reception or seated dinner, they walk amongst the crowd doing close-up magic or taking requests for songs.

Whatever your event, there is definitely a suitable entertainer that your audience will love. Start your research early and build a network of connections and entertainers.

Katrina Hatchett is an Event and Promotions Coordinator at Academic Brits and writer for Coursework Help. Katrina’s entrepreneurial skills mean she is always on the lookout for her next business project. She also writes for the blog.

Corporate Event Managers – The Best to Handle Your Important Events

When it comes to organizing a corporate event, cost is one of the most basic and important things to consider. Keeping this in mind, event managers always do their best to organize an event. It is recommended you hire a professional event management agency to simplify the process. There is no need to pay extra for services and you can still have a hand in organizing your event. You can also do it yourself but it could cause you extra stress and mistakes will be a larger possibility. Approaching professional event managers is hence a better move in this context. In the long run, event production managers can help you and benefit you in many ways.


Event managers dedicated to make your event memorable

Though you might have in-house team to organize the event, your staff may have more important tasks to execute. To avert a crisis occurring due to any situation such as this, hiring the services of corporate event management is ideal. They ease employee stress, especially when trying to balance business and the Christmas season. Event managers can easily organize events, helping you to be productive in your business, whilst working toward making your event a grand success

They leverage an extensive network

Corporate event management companies have vast network to use. These firms have connections to guarantee the success of your event. They help your business to save money through their vast industry knowledge and connections. These companies have contracts with various service providers, which enable them to strike better deals compared to non-contract service requests. This means you can effortlessly find amazing services that are both beneficial to your event and affordable. For example, they could bring along a fog machine that fits well within your budget but would not have without a pre-existing contract lowering the price.In addition, you can alsobe introduced to several effective services, some which you were previously unaware.

Indeed, it is a challenging task to organize an event.In fact, much more difficult than you may expect at first. The event may result in failure if people don’t attend. Hiring a professional corporate event management company is effective in this regard, as the involved professionals know precisely how to handle events successfully.

How an Event Agency can help in Successfully Organizing Event

No matter how big or small event you are organizing, it requires a large amount of planning and arrangement. Of course, planning an event is time-consuming and most of the times frustrating.By hiring a corporate event company, you will need to worry about managing, organizing, or preparing budget for the event. The event agencies work within the set timeline and manage all requirements needed for making the event wonderful. All you need to do is book an event agency and give the entire charge of the event to the management of the agency. A.P.E Events is one of the Australia’s renowned event production agency with over 15 years of experience in event and entertainment industry. It is the only event company that has in-house departments across entertainment, visual, audio, and event/design management.


Corporate venue hire can mold the event, be it a corporate party, birthday party, a special event, wedding, business dinners, or more formal affairs, the management of the event by a specialized company leaves no stone unturned in making a memorable experience. The event management agency is trained to handle the entirety of the event. The dedicated design team ensures to turn the event into most enjoyable and bespoke experience. They have the capability to plan and execute all the requirements and services effectively.

Services provided by the event company

  • Event theme, branding and collateral
  • Itinerary/Agenda of the Event
  • Wide-range project management
  • Communication in the midst of attendees
  • Venue and supplier contract negotiation
  • Securing speakers and entertainment
  • Seating list
  • Venue decoration, lighting, AV
  • Menu design, catering and banqueting

The service provider plans and executes everything in such a manner that it would promote the business growth at ease.They have a complete provision for making arrangements and organizing corporate events in short notice period. The work force of APE is well experienced and has thorough knowledge on using tools and sound and lighting equipment, which provides for efficiency throughout product execution.APE also employs a professional group of photographers and video makers who have years of experience in the industry and ensures best quality audio-visual production.

If you haven’t planned a big event yet, then you should choose an event planning company who can help create your event memorable.If you are inquisitive to know more about the services offered by A.P.E Events for corporate venue hire, you can simply submit an enquiry in APE’s website to check the cost and management facilities and compare different companies.

Therefore, it is always recommended to check the services provided before seeking services from an event company.

Corporate events – Satisfying Great Levels of Attendee Satisfaction


The event management describes the application of project management that would lead to the production of large-scale events. Be it festivals, ceremonies, formal or official parties, such corporate events enable people to socialize by giving their valuable time in an event setting.

Services in Corporate events

Several branches of events cater to requirement of organizing the completed corporate event with the feasibility to explore their business market and strategies. Here are various sectors included in the corporate events:

  • Event theme, branding and collateral
  • Event design and dynamics
  • Wide-ranging project management
  • Communication in the midst of attendees
  • Venue and supplier contract negotiation
  • Securing speakers and entertainment
  • Venue decoration, lighting, AV
  • Menu design, catering and banqueting

The event manager executes the corporate events as they comprise the capability to plan and execute all the plans and services effectively.  They take the responsibility to be creative, innovative and technically skilled that includes the overall design as well as marketing strategies.

The various fields on which they draw special attention include:

  • Audio-visual production
  • Script writing
  • Logistics
  • Budgeting
  • Negotiation
  • Client service

Types of Corporate Events

The corporate event in AV Sydney aim at providing assistance to business associate in creating the right social platform to explore themselves. The different types of corporate events include:

  • Conferences are trending and vital business events. It entails each information  about the event management of academic, remedial and commerce conferences
  • Seminars educational events to train the manager as well as the employees.
  • Business Dinners a long-standing corporate tradition bring to a close fiscal years, rejoice new milestones or acquiring close relationship with key customers.
  • Press Conferences is the ideal business events to promote new products, launch marketing campaigns or sharing the information to the shareholders and public regarding the financial issues

The corporate event in AV Sydney plans and executes everything in such a manner that it would promote the business growth at ease.

Audio Visual – The Division That Ensures Excellence

Several big names in the event management field claim to have a deep insight of the entertainment industry, and lure you with reasonable prices. To some extent, they may be right, but when it comes to delivering the best and maintaining the uniqueness, it is important to have an individual audio visual division. It enables an event organizing company to design its own entertainment and also unlocks the options to do endless excellence improvising innovations. However, it requires a large sum of investment. A crew of skilled engineers, a fleet of branded sprinters and some warehouses and most importantly a variety of best in class performers but, when you want to deliver the best, it deserves a cost.

Importance of Audio Visual

A separate AV division also becomes inevitable when an organization wants to deliver the best and cater all kinds of events under one roof. It makes a particular organisation the one stop shop. There are some of the selected organizations, which can handle all the event related work of a particular client under one roof. They are able to do that as they have all the related divisions including AV under one roof. This process gives the client complete peace of mind as now he can avoid the hassle of moving to different places to pick accurate options for his event. In addition, it ensures that the unique ideas and special features of brand and event remain confidential until the time of actual showdown.

Such organizations work as an all-round supplier for all kind of personal and corporate events. They also assist you well in issues like corporate venue hirecatering services, AV, design, and so on.

Highly preferred

Most of the corporate clients prefer this option since they get best of all facilities under one roof and can also make appreciable savings. The clients get deals, which help them to save at least 10% of the total bill and that to be without negotiating with different proprietors. This is the saving percentage when you don’t calculate the third party margins, which increase with every single outsourced category. To name a few categories in which outsourcing is common with almost every second company are Audio visual, entertainment agency, management, design, and more.

Creative Ideas for Organizing Events of Public Interest

Planning an event for public interest takes a lot of efforts and brainstorming. To gain the expected attention and a wide appreciation, you will need some creative ideas for your event. Finding the most unique concept for events is the toughest task, an event planner has to carry out.

In the following sections, I’m referring tonumerous events that I designed, attended and facilitated.

Product Hunt – This event was attended by emerging entrepreneurs, university students, and media persons, and many other prominent industry persons. The idea was to help the growing businesses and having some unique product ideas. Students and professionals conversed about their dream projects and products, and the industry persons supported and adopted some of the promising ideas.

Strategy Hack – As the name says, it was also an event that was organised with a view to aid the ideas to go high in the market. It was an event, where representatives of startup firms and renowned marketers collaborated and shared views and ideas over refreshments and snacks. And this is how some exceptional marketing strategies were codified. This is a typical example of event creative ideas behind.

How to Organize a Charity Event?

Charity and community events are the best way to raise funds for some noble cause. However, at times, charity events are purposed to spread awareness among groups of people. If you are working on a social project, and need funds to proceed with your motive, you can organize a charity event.

Here are a few simple steps that suggest how you can call on such an event –

Determine what kind of event – The first important step to take is to decide which type of event you want to organise – whether it will be trivia night, music or live performance, fashion show, or a dinner. You should have in mind, before you hire an event management company for further exercises.

Decide the number of attendees – Before you employ an agency for the Sydney or Melbourne event management, another thing that you have to keep in mind is the expected number of guests at the event. You should have an estimated number of visitors that will be attending your event, including the participants, invitees, organisers, service and backend staff and volunteers.

Finalise the date and time – Since yours is a charity event, you will want large numbers of people to gather at the occasion. Thus, you need to plan it at a convenient date and time, possible on holidays or weekends. For an instance: if you are planning something for kids, make sure your event takes place during the day time.

Hire an artist management company – When it comes to organize a charity event, you will need some popular performers, models, actors, speakers, orators and artists that are ready to work for such events. This agency will look into the workforce supply for your cause at nominal rates so that you can collect more funds for your help.

A.P.E Pty Limited

When reputation is paramount in an industry which changes by the second, having a name which is synonymous with excellence is only achieved through years of hard work – this is the testament A.P.E has created.

The vision of A.P.E has grown from establishing a boutique booking agency, talent management and legal entertainment consultancy service – primarily to help artist friends within the industry – into a multi-faceted event company, servicing clients within the corporate sector with all of their event requirements.

In doing so, using wholly owned in-house departments comprising of, talent agency, audio visual department and event design/management. Thus, allowing their clientele One Point Of Delegation from the only Event Company not needing to outsource services and thereafter attach margins to them.

This revolutionary practice of simplifying event service delegation has seen A.P.E P/L awarded the Event Management, Audio Visual Design as well as Entertainment Facilitation of leading events by international brands such as Coca-Cola Amatil, McDonalds, Google YouTube, Herbalife, Mercedes and Rotary International. In Australia, we are lucky to count many large national corporations such as Big W, Stockland, Clipsal-Schneider, Allianz, Perpetual, Bank of Queensland, MasterCard and ADMA as repeat and regular clientele.

There are many who say they know corporate events, but none other who can deliver a turn-key solution that an A.P.E P/L finely orchestrated event production is able to, whilst guaranteeing their clientele what money simply cannot buy…