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Creative Ideas for Organizing Events of Public Interest

Planning an event for public interest takes a lot of efforts and brainstorming. To gain the expected attention and a wide appreciation, you will need some creative ideas for your event. Finding the most unique concept for events is the toughest task, an event planner has to carry out.

In the following sections, I’m referring tonumerous events that I designed, attended and facilitated.

Product Hunt – This event was attended by emerging entrepreneurs, university students, and media persons, and many other prominent industry persons. The idea was to help the growing businesses and having some unique product ideas. Students and professionals conversed about their dream projects and products, and the industry persons supported and adopted some of the promising ideas.

Strategy Hack – As the name says, it was also an event that was organised with a view to aid the ideas to go high in the market. It was an event, where representatives of startup firms and renowned marketers collaborated and shared views and ideas over refreshments and snacks. And this is how some exceptional marketing strategies were codified. This is a typical example of event creative ideas behind.

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