Wedding & Birthday Management

Every bride wants the perfect wedding, and every person wants a fabulous birthday party. If you want your guests to rave about your wedding or your next birthday party – and who doesn’t? – the options can be practically endless and extremely daunting.

Luckily, A.P.E Events has you covered.

Our staff at A.P.E Events have extensive knowledge of the inner workings of events, which will make your experience seem smooth and effortless. As your event producers, A.P.E Events will allow you to have One Point Of Contact for all aspects of your wedding, so there’ll be no more stress and wasted time spent on communication.

The biggest difference between A.P.E Events and all others is that we are the single only Event Company in operation within Australia that literally owns all of its own event services.

A.P.E Events does not outsource anything at all. We own the market leading entertainment agency in Australia, one of the finest bespoke Audio Visual companies in Australia and also own an award winning Design department.

Your current suppliers outsource all of these event services and also place margins on top of their outsourcing (this is commonplace within the industry). They also charge your organisation fees for producing your events.

A.P.E Events does neither.

Our business model, allows you to speak to one single supplier. One email address, one phone number, one organisation – accessing a team that is waiting for your instructions across all of your wedding services.

Allowing you to pay wholesale for all event services and saving you in turn, thousands in costs and countless hours.

No matter the ask, A.P.E Events staff will be ready with the solutions for everything that your wedding or party requires and will be with you every step of the way to ensure that your special day is an incredible event that shall live long in the memory of your guests and especially yourself.

Private Event Management Gallery Melbourne & Sydney

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